Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Reusable 3D glasses

Reusable items are slowly gaining popularity; some common ones include shopping bags and water bottles. But why stop there? There are still so many more items in our lives that could be swapped for their reusable versions.

Two sisters from Norway decided to do just that. Kine and Einy didn't like the way 3D glasses are currently used in movie theaters. They didn't like the fact that you only had one clunky style to choose from and also that the glasses are often single-use. To counter this situation the two entrepreneurs decided to launch a new line of customizable and reusable glasses. These new glasses are compatible with movie theater and 3D TV screens. Because they can be ordered to in accordance with personal tastes, they are more likely to be remembered and worn in place of regular 3D glasses. This means no more annoying, wasteful plastic packaging and no more of that single use nonsense. It won't be surprising to see this trend flourishing. As more people being to realize how small things can add up to make a big impact, more will switch to multi-use and multipurpose products.

I asked Kine and Einy a few questions about their idea, and they answered:

Q: While most people are looking to reduce waste in areas such as a packaging and building materials, you are attempting to reduce waste by concentrating something specific. What inspired you to look at something as specific as 3D glasses as a source of significant waste?

A: At first it was the unattractive designs that stuck out to us, and then as we were talking about designing our own we realized how it was a huge waste as well. That was one of the factors that made us decide to actually take the full step out and make our own glasses, because we believe in giving back and this was a perfect way to do so.

Q: What are you going to change about the way we use 3D glasses? How is this going to improve the current situation?

A: We hope that our designs and high quality will encourage people to bring their own pair to the movie theaters, and that this will decrease the need for the disposable ones. We have focused a lot on making styles that fit different people, not one size fits all. For instance, the 3D clipon enables people with clipon to look stylish and be a lot more comfortable while wearing 3D glasses.

Q: How do you plan to spread word of your idea?
We are working hard on getting the word out, and have been very lucky to have run into so many supportive people that have promoted and shared our story. This week we were excited to see that our company was featured on TechCrunch, Gizmodo, GearHunter and DesignMilk, those are great moments in two young entrepreneurs lives.

Q: What challenges are you trying to overcome in order to get your product to the market? How soon will your glasses be available to the general public?

A: Our glasses are already in market, but we took our company on Kickstarter a few weeks back to raise funds for our spring collection. People from all over the world have been so great and helped us by backing our project, and now we are so excited to have our spring collection on the way.

Q: Will it stop with glasses? Tell us about any other ideas you have and any further developments we can expect.

We have so many ideas, but for now we are going to focus on making 3D glasses. We want to make sure that the quality is high and that we can continue building a strong business before taking on new projects. So only the future will tell!

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Kali said...

It's true, you really can reuse SO many items out there. One of my favorite ways to reuse those old plastic drinking water bottles is to cut off the top half, make a couple holes in the bottom and turn it into a planter.

You can even add some string and make it a hanging planter!