Thursday, November 10, 2011

Organic Deoderant

The last time I looked on the ingredients list of my deodorant I found something that I didn't expect to see: Aluminum. Aluminum has been linked (not definitively!) to Breast Cancer and Alzheimer's. I decided to make my own deodorant to avoid another common source of unnecessary chemicals. Here is a simple recipe. 

- cornstarch
- baking soda
- coconut oil

Starting with small amounts, mix the ingredients until you reach a desirable consistency. It usually works best if there are equal parts cornstarch and baking soda, and a smaller part coconut oil. Put the resulting paste (The consistency will depend not only on the proportion of ingredients, but also on room temperature.) into a small container and apply with your fingers. This deodorant shouldn't cause problems, and should be a fine replacement for commercial deodorant.

NOTE: I am not advising that you replace commercially bought deodorant with this one. I am not prescribing anything or giving health advice. Use this recipe with your own discretion.


Sam said...

Please make me one!!!! :)

Unknown said...

Hi Sam, I am Sid the owner and creator of this ecofriendly deodrant. I know am a bit late actuall 10 years late but I have made the perfect deo for you now. Please reach out to me if you wanna to have the product. Apolgies for the delay in response.