Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Humans have built and explored big things for many years. First it was the ocean now it's space. The next frontier will be on the nano scale. As technology grows smaller, the number of possible applications increases. A nano-scale steam engine has already been created. Although there are no applications for it yet, it creation was a big breakthrough that will lead the way for further developments.

Nanotechnology has several implications for the environment and our use of resources. Nanobots will be able to get into the deepest cracks and the narrowest corners. If mining nanobots are developed, they could make mining a lot cheaper, safer, and environmentally friendly. If nanobots could mine for precious materials underground, then they could also do it in trash heaps. Nanobots could be set free into landfills to retrieve metals, rare earth minerals from electronnics, and other recyclables. If this technology is made possible, then it will change the way we recycle. There will no longer be separate bins for trash and recyclables. Everything will just go to one place where it will be sorted by nanobots.

If we really look we can see that most trash is either compostable or recyclable. With not much else left, the whole concept of trash will change.

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